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Our warranty is non-prorated and fully transferrable.

20 Year Warranty of PVC Frame

Northome Comfort Windows warrantees the Comfort Plus PVC window frame material against defects such as blistering, peeling, flaking and corrosion.  This warranty commences on the day of installation and is transferable should you sell your home. 

20 Year Warranty Against Seal Failure of Glass

Northome Comfort Windows offers a 20 year warranty against hermatic seal failure of Insulated Glass units supplied to Northome by Anatoli Glass and Mirror out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Defective IG units will be replaced with a sealed unit of the same glass combination and options as what was originally purchased in the original window at no cost to the customer.

20 Year Warranty on Hardware

Northome Comfort Windows Warrants the hardware against defects in craftsmanship for 20 year.  This warranty excludes normal wear and tear, abuse of hardware due to over tightening, excessive force. 

90 Day Cracked Glass Warranty

Northome Comfort Windows will warranty sealed units against cracked glass 90 days from the day of installation.  This excludes glass breakage due to impact or vandalism. 

1 year Labor Warranty

Northome Comfort Windows will cover the labor on any installation or product warranty deficiencies for a period of 1 year from the date of installation. 

For more warranty information or for warranty inquiries, please feel free to ask your sales consultant for details.



Research Warranties and Service policies.

Some warranties state “repair or replacement of defective parts at the factory, on site service is charged for at prevailing rates.” Be sure of the long-term security that you have in your investment. Check the long form warranty, not just the glossy 8 x 10 sales warranty. That is where you really see the cost of warranty.  A strong product warranty and service policy can save you a lot of money. Carefully review the warranties for replacement stipulations, ownership transfer details, and guarantees against failure of the glass, frame and sash of the window, and ask if the warranty is a pro-rated warranty and for how long or is warranty labour also covered.