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Our Window

Northome Comfort Windows are manufactured at our plant in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.

With over 25 years experience in the window industry and continued improvements to our products and manufacturing process, we are able to offer our clients high quality, energy efficient window products designed and built to give you years of comfort in our extreme weather conditions.  

We have seen a great increase in residential and new home construction customers looking to keep their dollars invested with a Saskatchewan owned company that supports our Saskatchewan ecomony and employs people from their communities.

We guarantee that the products we use to manufacture our windows come from reputable companies that stand behind the products they supply us with.  We have fully researched each product to ensure that it falls within our high quality control standards.

Along with a serviceable product and a hassle free warranty, it is really no wonder why our customers are our best salespeople. 

The most common comments about product performance in order of frequency were tabulated from 1,076 customer comment sheets:

  1. No frost, ice or condensation even on the coldest days (clear view-can always see out)
  2. Good value for dollar, good investment, money well spent, worth every cent
  3. Low Maintenance, easy to clean, no painting
  4. Keeps house warmer in winter
  5. No draft, no dust
  6. Easy to operate (open, close, lock)
  7. Gives house a whole new look, attractive, clean/neat look, dresses up house
  8. Saves energy, energy efficient
  9. Can open all year round, even in winter
  10. Keeps house cooler in summer
  11. Quiet (reduction in noise from street and wind)
  12. No wet or running water off windows
  13. Good quality, well constructed
  14. Don’t have to put insulation on bottom each fall, or plastic on inside, or storm windows
  15. Added value to our home (resale value increased)
  16. Wish we had done it sooner (when we built)
  17. Provides good air circulation
  18. Bay - space added, better view, improved look of house
  19. Grills -add a bit of show without obstructing view, modernizes house