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Absolutely nothing speaks as eloquently for a company as endorsements from its customers. Northome Comfort Windows proudly boasts of 18 binders packed full of returned questionnaires from clients.

We can proudly say... "Our Customers are Our Best Sales People."

Word of mouth is the best advertising any business can get. We truly appreciate that our customers refer us to their friends, family and neighbors.

Feel free search below to see what our customers have to say about our windows and their installation experience.

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Out of respect for our clients, we do not list our clients full names on the internet, we only use their initials and the town they are from.  If you would like to see a customer list for your area, please contact us and we will send you a free information package. 

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B.&B. P., Watrous Windows installed December 20, 2011 & June 6, 2014


Comments one year later: “The best thing about our new windows is there is no frost and they are warmer. We are very satisfied with the windows – they seem to be very good quality and installation. Installation day was great – friendly crew, clean up was great and much appreciated.”

On second installation: “The reason we purchased Northome windows again was the fact that you install the windows and we were satisfied with our previous windows that you installed. The windows look great & don’t get frost in winter.”

G.&G. G., Wadena Windows installed July 1996


“We are pleased with every aspect of Northome Comfort Windows: sales, prompt delivery and installation, quality of workmanship and lower heating costs. They look as good and work as well as the day they were installed. Great investment.”

I.&I. B., Drake Windows installed March 17 & 18, 2014


“The reason we purchased Northome Comfort Windows was because of the good reputation of how they stand up to our winters.”

A & J. A., Tisdale Windows Installed November 7, 2014


Comments One year later:  "The best things about my new windows is that they are super easy to clean, they do not frost up and are easy to open and shut.  Benefits are that our house is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Northome Comfort Windows are well worth the investment.  The quality and installation was top notch.  The sales interview was great - all our questions were answered and everything we were told about installation was exactly how it was done.  The installation was quick, no fixing, painting or clean up had to be done.  We've had no problems with the performance of the windows.  Everything was great."

A & R. B., Melfort Windows Installed July 27, 2015


"I am still looking for the dust that you mentined in the info that came on "What to Expect on Installation Day", (the only dust is what I had before they came!)  There was no sign of five workmen being here - very good clean up!"

A. A., Star City Windows installed July 23, 2009


“We saw your windows at the Tisdale Trade Show, we thought it would be the best and fastest way for us to get windows in. It sure was. They came at 9 am and were gone at 3:15. Can sure notice that the house is a lot cooler on hot days. Windows are easy to open, much easier than our old slider ones. On installation day the installers were all good even the clean up in the house and out in the yard, they were great.”

Comments 1 year later: “My new windows give me more comfort in winter & summer. The rooms are cooler in the summer, the heat doesn’t come through the glass like it used to.”

A. B., Cudworth Windows installed August 12, 2003


“Well made window, very energy efficient, easy to clean, great warranty. Benefits include energy efficiency and saving money! It is worth the money invested.”
Comments 5 years later: “What gives me the most satisfaction is the fact that the windows are just like they were five years ago, there is no wear, the function is still perfect, easy cleaning, lovely to look out windows! I would invest again in these windows if I needed replacement, especially after the experience with five years of hassle free, great working windows.”

A. B., Kelvington Windows installed November 14, 2008


“I purchased Northome Comfort Windows again as you had done a good job previously, and we were satisfied. So far so good, windows look great! Installation crew were good- a pleasant bunch and worked! No tardiness.”

A. B., Meacham Windows installed May 16 & 17, 2011


“What sold us was the soft weather stripping. We are amazed at how cool the house stays with the sun shining through.”

A. C., Wadena Windows installed June 7, 2000


“Even with the rising fuel prices, I have a financial saving with these windows. We have no regrets that we spent the money. The performance of the windows is exactly what we were told they would be. The installers were friendly, quick, efficient, and did a total cleanup.”
Comments 10 years later: “The best thing about my windows is the year round transparency, no frost or condensation or weeping. I am still highly pleased. The cost is totally balanced by the comfort they provide.”

A. D. & M. M., Sturgis Windows installed February 25, 2010


“We purchased Northome Comfort Windows because you guys do the installation too. The best thing about our new windows is no more separate frames to take out and clean. Neat appearance. Staff was pleasant and efficient.”

A. F., Watrous Windows installed March 13, 2008


“The best thing about my windows is that there is no frost on them. There is a nice clear view. I am a satisfied customer. The staff were friendly, courteous in manner. It was a job well done.”

A. H., Grayson Windows installed February 26 & 27, 2008


“The best thing about my new windows is that it is so bright! It has improved the look of the house 50% or more. Its also warmer in the house and heat is everywhere and constant – no drafts. I was overwhelmed by the efficiency, friendliness and speed that the windows went in.”

Comments 5 years later: “What I like most about my windows is the appearance – it is most appealing. The windows look like quality windows & improve the look of my house.”

A. L., Yorkton Windows installed December 21, 2005


“The best thing about my windows is that they are maintenance free and energy saving. The outside vinyl trim is great with no more caulking and painting. I really like the tinted windows. Clean up was well done.”
Comments 5 years later: “What gives me the most satisfaction about my windows is the carefree maintenance, just caulking in the fall, no painting! I wouldn’t do anything differently, I am satisfied with the quality of the windows and the framework.”

Comments Ten Years later:  "The best thing about my Northome windows is that metal trim on the outside and the vinyl around the windows means no painting required anymore.  My windows were a good investment."

A. M. R., Tisdale Windows installed October 28 & 29, 2008


“We were referred to Northome by friends that all said these windows were the best purchase they ever made. The windows look great and open so easy. We can finally see outside all year because they don’t fog or frost up. The crew was excellent. They did a great job and the clean up was 100%. We couldn’t be happier or more satisfied. Looking forward to years of enjoyment from them and to the energy savings.”
Comments 1 year later: “I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with your company and the service & installation I have received.”

A. O., Foam Lake Windows installed April 23, 1996


“Northome Comfort Windows is a good investment. Save on heat in the winter.”

A. P., Margo Windows installed September 7, 2010


“On installation day, I was HIGHLY IMPRESSED – they all worked hard, fast and efficiently – everyone knew their job and did it. I really appreciate your rapid response and installing as soon as possible. Thanks.”
Comments one year later: “The best thing about my windows is they look beautiful. In my opinion they are excellent value invested. They added value and beauty to my house, their efficiency has already made a difference in heating. The sales interview was informative and pleasant and the installation was impressive especially the clean-up!! The windows have performed better than anticipated. It has been a totally pleasant experience. Thanks.”

A. R., Goodeve Windows installed April 24, 2008


“The best thing about my new windows is the tint, it really keeps the house cooler than I thought it would in the summer. A lot of the noise is eliminated from outside. Very personable staff. It seemed like everybody enjoyed their responsibilities. Made my decision to purchase windows through Northome a very good decision. Great Job!

A. R., Regina Windows installed March 2013


“I love the view out of my new clean windows and my house retains heat more efficiently. The installation crew was very quick and tidy. They were just good, friendly people. I was really impressed with how clean my house was after installation. I couldn’t even tell anyone was here, except for my beautiful new windows, of course.”

A. T., Endeavour Windows installed August 2, 2001


“I really like having good windows. It makes the house a lot more comfortable.“

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