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Window Placement

A superior advantage that sets Northome Comfort Windows apart from other window replacement companies is our ablitiy to place our high performance window flush to the interior wall regardless of the original wall construction.

Whether new home construction, custom installation or a full frame installation, you will always get the best performance with the Northome window system. Unlike most in the window industry, Northome can place your new windows in the every best location for maximum performance. This means the homeowner can maximize their savings through energy savings, elmimination of expensive repairs due to moisture damage from condensation and future cost of having to repair or replace windows again in the future.  Our window placement also improves comfort not only by allowing you the abilty to sit close to your windows without feeling cold, but also by helping to improve the warmth of the floor by eliminating the cold down draft that drops and stays on the floor with a typical window placement. 

Benefits of placing your window closer to the inside of your home.  

  •  Improves the windows performance by allowing the interior air currents to circulate past the glass, helping to keep it dry and moisture free.
  •  Enjoy a clear view year round as the warmer inside window surface keeps frost and moisture from forming on your glass and your window frame
  •  By recessing the windows from the outside your windows will be proctected from wind chills when cold out, keeping your home warmer and more comfortable.
  •  Allows you to sit close to your windows without feeling coolness from the window.
  • By keeping the glass warm with warm air flowing past your glass, the special Low E coating on the glass work better to reflect the warmth back into your home, decreasing the ability for the heat in your home to be lost through the glass.
  • The warmer glass surface will allow you to keep your homes relative humidity within Health Canada, and The Mayo Clinics recommendation of 30-50% and still enjoy clear glass on the coldest of days.  It also keeps condensation under control when lots of cooking is taking place while you entertain family and friends. 

If desired, we can leave a certain amount of space for custom interior blinds. A custom installation can provide the best of both worlds. It can eliminate redecorating problems inside and out while maintaining the existing casings around your windows.