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Picture Windows

Vinyl Picture Window

The vinyl picture frame is considered a low profile vinyl frame that allows a bigger glass viewing area as the vinyl frame is 2" high.  Many people prefer this style of frame when designing their picture windows if they prefer the option of having more glass and less frame.   This style of frame can be used in combination with an opening window.  The picture window allows for more glass area on the picture side of the combination window than the glass surface area of the opening portion of the window which is smaller because the opener has a taller frame profile.

A Fixed Sash window looks like an opening window but is actually a stationary fixed window. 

This frame may sometimes be referred to as a high profile fixed, or a Fixed Casement.  This high profile frame is 3.5" in height, the same height as that of an opening window frame (casement or awning). This style of vinyl frame is usually used in combination with an opening window if it is more important for the client to have their windows look uniform rather than have a bigger viewing area.  If the client chooses to add decorative grills to their glass, it much easier to line up the grillwork.

A Casement window (opener) and a Picture window combination. The close up picture shows the difference in height of the two frames.
Fixed Sash and Casment combination window.  As you can see, the frames are the same height, allowing the glass to be the same size.