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Decorative Grills

We offer decorative grills in three different colors:  White, Pewter, and Brass 

When designing your new windows, decorative grills can be used to accent the architectural design of your home. 

Decorative grills, or muntin bars, are metal bars that are placed in between the glass panes of your window in patterns of various sizes. They can give your windows the appearance of being divided into smaller decorative panes of glass.  Being that they are placed between the glass of your windows, they are maintenance free, require no upkeep and leave you with a smooth window surface for easy cleaning.

Depending on how prominent you want your decorative grills to be, we can use either 5/8” bars or 5/16” bars to create the look you want.  Decorative grills are not only esthetically pleasing but can also allow your new windows to maintain or change the character of your home.  These rigid grills do not touch the glass eliminating thermal bridging.

Check out some examples of Decorative Grills that we have designed for some of our customers. The possibilities are endless!

Border - Perimeter Grills

Transom - Ladder Grills

Colonial Grills

Traditional - Farmhouse Grills

Double Ladder Grills