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Custom Mouldings


Custom Mouldings

Shown Above - Assorted Exterior Brickmoulds also shown on the far left,  the Northome 3 1/4" Exterior Jamb Extension, and Northome Rebate Clip both exclusivly designed and used by Northome.

Our Vinyl Brickmoulds are made of the same sturdy construction as our window frames. They can be customized for the width of your wall, while allowing the glass of your window to still be installed to the inside of your home. 

One of the unique features that makes Northome Comfort Windows a leader within the industry is the one-of-a-kind installation procedure with exclusive vinyl mouldings. These moldings have many benefits. By covering approximately 95% of all the sealants and insulation used during the installation process, these materials are protected from weathering due to both the elements and UV. The added protection of these custom mouldings not only improve longevity of the product but provide a nice clean look rather than having exposed silicone and caulk. These exclusive moldings permit window placement anywhere throughout the thickness of the wall, while maintaining a neat clean finished appearance.

Shown Above - Interior Finishing options -   Interior Jamb Extensions and Board Return.

We can customize your window installation in many different ways. Ideally, our unique window system allows us to install your windows flush to your inside wall for optimum performance. However, if you require your windows to have an inside sill to allow for window coverings or to stay with the character of your home, we can accomodate you with many different interior finishing options that will give you the depth of sill that you require. 

Shown Above is our uniquely designed Interior stops, Exterior 3 1/4"Jamb Extension and Exterior Rebate clip.

These mouldings give us the ability to allow placement of the window in the best position in your wall. This will provide you with one of the warmest, most moisture-free, trouble-free window system on the market, as well as saving energy costs. No one else in North America has these mouldings. They are Northome’s own concept and design and are exclusive to Northome only.