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Fenestration Canada Members

We are Proud Members of Fenestration Canada

Fenestration Canada's mission is to represent and support all aspects of the window and door manufacturing industry, including formulating and promoting high standards of quality in manufacturing, design, marketing, distribution, sales and application of all types of window and door products.

Fenestration Canada maintains high ethical and technical standards.

Fenestration Canada's Goals

  1. Actively support national standards and promote the harmonization of Canadian standards with international standards.
  2. Establish and maintain national certification programs for windows and doors sold in Canada.
  3. Communicate our mission, goals and objectives clearly to our members.
  4. Be financially viable.
  5. Liaise with related industry associations and with governments.
  6. Provide unbiased and detailed technical information.
  7. Promote industry-related research.
  8. Provide members with opportunities to meet, interact and discuss industry matters.
  9. Recognize the contribution of certain members for their exceptional services to the industry and/or to the Association.
  10. Increase the market demand for windows and doors manufactured and/or distributed by members.