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Questions About Your New Windows

Questions and Answers

Should you ever have questions or concerns about your new windows, we want you to feel free to contact us. We welcome all inquiries and encourage you to give our office a call.  Below are the answers to a few common questions that may come up. 

1.Why do I get moisture on the outside of my glass in the Spring and Fall?

Exterior condensation forms most often during Spring and Fall when temperatures and weather can fluctuate greatly. This will often cause condensation to form in the morning hours when the outdoor temperature increases.  As temperatures rise in the morning, a window will remain cool from the night before due to the low heat transfer of energy efficient windows. As the temperature increases, so does the dew point; this creates a temperature difference between the cool window and the moist wam outside air. The difference will cause water droplets and or fog to form on the glass surface.

The reason this happens is:

If the window has low performing glass, heat will transfer from the inside of the home to the outside. This would keep the exterior piece of glass warm enough and would prevent condensation from forming.  However, when a higher performing sealed unit is used in a window, the transfer of heat does not happen as easily.  This means that the outside piece of glass has a much cooler temperature and a higher risk of condensation forming.  While unsightly, exterior condensation should not be any reason for concern. It indicates that your windows have a high insulation value and thermal performance.