What to Expect on Installation Day

Northome Window Installers

Experienced, Friendly and Professional

Replacement windows must be installed to very exact standards. Because our windows are manufactured for each customers' home and specific needs, we go one step further to ensure that our customers have the finished product that they were shopping for.  We ensure this by having our fully trained in house window installation team install your windows, giving you a customized window installation desgined with the character and functionality of your home in mind.   

At Northome We Install What We Sell

Each installation team member has been trained to ensure that our stringent quality control and craftsmanship requirements are followed when installing your windows. Our Installation team has knowledge of how the windows are manufactured and have the ability to adust and service our windows.   Most certainly the professional window installers that come to install your new Northome Comfort Windows will have installed hundreds if not thousands of Northome windows.

You Can Expect An Efficient Process

Our factory supports our Installers

One of the many advantages of buying from a company that manufactures their own windows is if a window part should break, or a frame needs to be remade, our installers can simply phone our factory and they will make up a new frame and dispatch a new part right away. 

What to Expect When our Installation Crew Arrives At Your Home

Northome Comfort Windows ensures its installation crew treats our customers’ home as though it was their own. They will do their best to  leave your home and yard completely free of signs that the crew was ever there.

Once Your Window Installation is Completed

Worker's Compensation

We are committed to the health and safety of our workers and strive to prevent workplace injuries.  We are happy working in partnership with Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) and the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association adhering to regulations and standards. We are in good standing with the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board. Our WBC # is 5676134 Industry Code B1304. 

This is important to know. If you hire anyone to do work for you on or around your home and they are not in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board, you the homeowner may be liable should an injury occur at your home.