About Us

A proud past, with an exciting future...

When Nelson and Cheryl Coupland and their son Jonny moved to Foam Lake in 1990, they never dreamed that the small window business that they were just about to start would grow to be the successful business it is today.

Nelson had training in industrial design, and had worked in manufacturing,and retail sales as one of the top people in a specialty window replacement company since 1978. Cheryl had formal training in engineering,and management, had been an executive director of tourism, and spent years in finance until she joined Nelson in the window business in 1988.

They set up shop just south of Edfield, almost across the road from where Cheryl was born and raised.

Their first workshop was a tarp off their house. They hired their first employee, Dennis West, and set out installing windows using Dennis’s half ton to haul their windows and the supplies needed to install their first window jobs of their new business. 

Comparing the first few days to where the business is right now is like night and day. Nelson and Cheryl handled all aspects of their new business themselves, from sales, marketing, installation and office management. Over the years, as demand grew for their window product, so came the expansion of the window installation team and office staff.

In 1999, an addition was added on to their shop at the farm. It was used as a workshop to work on developing their window product.  Later in 2002, the little bedroom that they used in their home as an office was just too small and they decided that they needed a larger office.  An addition was divided off in the big shop to make room for a new office with more room for office staff.

The philosophy they started their business with and still stand by today, was to always use the best possible product they could find that would do the job properly, that it be designed to last a lifetime, with minimal service but yet still be serviceable.

Throughout the years they saw many changes in the window industry.  For the first 15 years Humphrey Window Products out of Winnipeg, Manitoba fabricated the Northome Window product using Western Profiles exclusive high-end extrusion, with Santoprene weather-stripping, a higher performing weatherstrip made to combat  extreme weather conditions, while providing longevity, and serviceability. 

In 2006 Humphrey decided to switch vinyl extruders and would no longer use the Western Profiles window extrusion.  Nelson and Cheryl were forced to to switch to another window supplier, Hi Tech Energy Widows out of Winnipeg. They fabricated the Northome Window system using the Western Profiles extrusions that we had always been used.   

In the fall of 2007, Nelson and Cheryl decided that it was time to start manufacturing their own windows right here in Foam Lake. It made sense to have more control over the quality and supply of product that their customers were demanding.   

This unfolded a whole new chapter for Northome.  Window fabricating equipment was purchased, the shop at the farm had to be revamped to not only to make room for the manufacturing equipment and staff required to make windows, but there also had to be room to store the vinyl needed to manufacture the frames, sealed units, and hardware as well as the storage of the finished window product, installation supplies as well as office staff.  To say the least things were a little cramped, but that smaller work space allowed staff to all have a  hands on approach in the learning process of manufacuring windows. This support played a big part in the success of this new unknown step at Northome.

In December of 2007 the first shipment of sealed units from AGC Flatglass in Regina was delivered.  Vinyl frames were fabricated from the same vinyl supplier Northome had always used, however, now Western Profiles was owned by Acrylon Plastics in Winnipeg.  The 900 series vinyl extrusion they previously used, had seen improvements in drainage and in the Santoprene weather stripping and was now called the Comfort Plus 1200 series. By January 2008 the first Northome Comfort Windows were fabricated and started coming off the line and were being installed. 

There was now more control of window product. Certain jobs could be manufactured at certain times to meet the needs of customers.  It took away the stress of trying to keep up with the demand for our window product.

Late in 2008 The Energy Star Program became a big player in the window industry in Canada. The Federal government along with some provincial goverments introduced a new incentive program to homeowners. Homeowners that upgraded their homes with Energy Star Certified products would get rebates back from the government.  Windows were included in this program, however they had to be Energy Star Certifed to the newest CSA standards that had just come out.  This required required many window manufacturers to have their windows physically tested and Energy Star Certified to qualify for this program. 

It was decided that it would be in the best interest of Northome to proceed in getting their windows Energy Star Certified as it was obvious that this was the future direction that the window industry was heading.  This program would be an obstacle in window sales if you were not certified.   

There was a lot of preparation involved in having windows tested to be Energy Star Certified, but finally in February of 2009, Northome shipped three windows to Intertek Testing Facilites in Vancouver, BC. The three test windows, an awning window, a casement window, and a picture window were tested for air infiltration, water leakage and structural strength.  They all tested with the highest ratings for each of those categories. They also exceeded the testing standards for both energy efficiency and product design and engineering.  It was a very proud moment for Nelson and Cheryl, especially when they overheard the engineer who had tested the windows comment that “these were exceptional results” and he had never had a product “perform as well”. 

With the Northome Comfort Window product now Energy Star Certified, business only grew and before too long they out grew the shop at the farm.

In December 2010, Nelson and Cheryl purchased the old Shop Easy store at 424 Main Street Foam Lake.  It was a perfect location, with enough square footage to accomodate the whole business, with a parking lot on the side to accomodate the installation trailers and three phase power to operate the manufacturing equipment.  This would be the new home of Northome Comfort Windows. The building was modified to house the Main office, Manufacturing floor, and Installation department, plus it would contain all the supplies and equipment required for the window fabrication and installation of the Northome window product.

In February of 2011, the renos were finally complete and the big move was made.  This facility is where all Northome Comfort Windows are manufactured today.  The four mobile workshop trailers leave the Northome location daily at 7:00 AM. Each trailer is loaded daily with individual customers custom made windows, and the materials required for their specific window installation project. 

Later this same year, a Northome Comfort Windows Franchise was started in Regina.  This franchise owned and managed by Jonny Coupland, Nelson and Cheryl's son, and his business partner, Ryan Osicki, focussed on providing and installing the Northome window product to the Regina and Southern Saskatchewan area with the same ideal that made Northome the success it is today.

In July 2016, Jonny decided to join the Northome Foam Lake team to play a bigger role in the administration of the company. Ryan would continue to operate and manage the Northome Regina Franchise. Jonny acting as general manager would focus on product developtment and new innovative installation techniques. 

It gives Nelson and Cheryl great pride to see Jonny join them in running the company that they started from the ground up and to watch Northome Comfort Windows continue to grow into its 2nd generation of improving homes for the residents of Saskatchewan. 

Windows may have changed over the years since the beginning of Northome Comfort Windows in 1990, but our focus on excellence and commitment to seeing our customers happy will always be what gives us the most satisfaction.



Our Mission

Is to be a meticulous manufacturer and a specialized installer of an exceptional product.

Our Goal

Is to be the finest window manufacturer and installation Company, interested first and foremost in having happy customers.

Our Vision

Is to create total customer enthusiasm with the goal of earning customer loyalty

  • By working together as a team using our experience in sales, manufacturing and installation;
  • By providing quality service and professional integrity;
  • By inspiring change and positive improvements to our superior product and encouraging all team members to create, capture and communicate their ideas for the betterment of product and installation.

Everything we do throughout our organization is to support and advance the accomplishment of our vision, our goal and our mission statement.